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I Want To Write Poetry From The Soul

The Barrens She came to me out of a fog one day Battered , lost and full of hunger... [more]
  • I Think Manswers Is The Worst Show On Tv

    Little Boy Sers In my opinion Manswers is the most insulting program I have ever seen.It assumes that every man is a f*cking idiot and somewhere around 12 years old in intelect. How does crap like that get airtime… [more]
  • I Love a Girl Even Though She Doesn't

    If You Love Someone And Let Them Go...will They Come Back To You....etc. I understand my poor woman, torn as she is between here and there. The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome are well known. What I am learning is that other disorders accompany it. The… [more]
  • I Love Jokes And Riddles

    The 15 Commandments Moses went to the Arabs and said, "I have fifteen commandments for you that will make your lives better.” "Fifteen commandments ...?"  The Arabs asked, "What are commandments… [more]
  • I Am An E-harmony Reject

    What A Shock    Here it is another widely advertised e-harmony free weekend.( Happy new year!) I filled out the profile without a grain of B.S. … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    A mature sort of love ? W.T.F.
    When our love was new I heard the sound of your song It was beautifully seductive.It was the sweetest sound I'd heard. You were quite magnificent. "Familiarity builds contempt" old idiom. Then the secrecy and lies were seen for what they were a way to be removed from me and my uninteresting world Excitement for excitements sake without any sense of growth And still it feels like I should suck it up and not take it too personal when your lies are cloaked in accusations about innocuous things made large. Where is the reality of our love.You say I think to much. You say you are intuitive about reading people and I am not I simply recognize what I am faced with. I read you more avidly than … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Who am I now
    When I was a younger man I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted. I thought my wife was my soulmate and that as long as we were in this life together we could accompish anything, overcome any obstacle. About 9 years ago at a time when I was out of work( or at least overly underemployed I fell into despair. I was so worried that we would lose our house and with 4 kids that was not an option in my mind. I knew that collecting a life insurance policy would save my family home. I wrote a note explaining that I was going to die and make it look accidental..or death by misadventure. Sure enough my plan was rejected and the cops locked me up until I had a psyche evaluation. There was a meetin… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Tough Love
    My mother was a psych nurse. My Stepfather was a psychiatrist.He died in 1973 by his own hand. His last words to me were" If I die'll be the cause of it." I was into the kung fu and had a barrell of rocks and sand in the basement which I poured gasoline into and set afire. when the flames died down I would punch the stuff in the barrell. The fumes went throughout the house so I guess that was the trigger. I've felt for years I've lived beyond my time. there's no real meaning anymore, no more wants or desires. There's no real connection with what has transpired. Life seems good practice for ghosting. It sucks if that's all there reallly is.For some folks I suppose their lives are a sh… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    God ? really? Are you sure? Pffft! Yer F*cked
    I once had an epiphany(sp) actually a few, over about 18 months. The most profound one was that if Jesus paid for the sins of mankind then he must be in hell although his seat is at the right hand of god. I envisioned him trying to restore the faith of the fallen angel and move him and all the other lost souls to heaven and create the world described by the second coming.At this same time I realized that by saying that he was the son of god and the son of man, trying to convey the idea that we are all god's children(son or daughter of god) and we are also the sons and daughters of man. The potential to be Christlike lay in his teachings( He was a good Rabbi) Another part of it all was the re… [more]
  • WTF some people are so f*cking selfish and ignorant

    Posted on: March 3rd, 2010 at 5:48AM

    A dear friend of mine was first **** on by alleged friends(brought to tears and EXTREMELY fragile and vulnerable) so I took her out to a safe quiet place to talk. A place that was comfortable and felt safe.then gets hit on by an ******* 20 years older(the freakin' manager of the place) who scared the hell out of her in the 5 minutes I went to the store Kept saying to her "I'm a pig..I'm a pig and I just want to **** you.Needless to say the moment I returned she wanted to leave. She was badly shaken by the whole thing and didn't want to be alone right away so I kept her company for a while. She calmed down some and asked me not to react to it.Because I am considerate of other peoples wishes … [more]


  • Idiots of the year

    Posted on: February 11th, 2010 at 3:46PM … [more]