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I\'m wondering why I exist. Would it be too hard for society, as in all of humanity, to grow up? I mean... \'let\'s punish those who break laws harshly, yet if we took steps to remove them from their home several years ago we wouldn\'t need to punish them harshly.\' Isn\'t part of humanity to be empathetic? If those who need help, yet people, ignore them and then they get themselves into dire straights, would it be societies fault for not preventing them from being in the position they are now in? Or perhaps it is best that we use all the nuclear weapons in existence and produce another mass extinction... extinction of the idiot humans. Then we can wait a few hundred million years for another sentient species to dig through our rubble and find out about our past... *sigh* I sound bitter... :/

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I Want to Have a Social Life

Why? I've been a loner for most of my life. I don't trust people... in the traditional view of trust. I was hurt too often by too many people. I avoided being close to others... I was never close to others... [more]
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