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I Would Rather Be Living In the Future

Fear Not The other day I heard a news report on how many of us living today will live to see age 150.  A few months ago I heard about the breakthrough in genomics, how the ENCODE project realized that 80% of... [more]
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  • I Have Heard My Neighbors Have Sex

    Walls Can Talk -- And Scream At first I did not realize I had new neighbors until it first happened that night. Through my paper thin walls I heard what sounded like a woman being gagged, "Aggkhh!" and a male voice gasping for br… [more]
  • I Have Dysautonomia

    Better With Salt The sick thing about dysautonomia is that the illness gives you every invisible symptom, so it's harder for friends, relatives, coworkers -- and even most doctors to believe that you're sick. "You can… [more]
  • I Have Teenage Stepson

    New Stepson From Russia I have an 18 year-old stepson from Russia who I will meet for the first time next year. He's coming to NYC to live with us. We've never spoken to each other before. He doesn't even know I exist. My hu… [more]
  • I Love Rain and Thunderstorms

    Unexpected Down Pour I love being amongst people on the crowded streets, caught without an umbrella. Cursing out the weather man is useless. People huddling together under awnings looking up at the sky wondering when wil… [more]