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Hi there. You can call me Grayson. I am a furry artist who doesn't have many friends. Im kind of a nerd about games and movies and such, play Xbox 360 for fun, and the Resident Evil series as well as Mortal Kombat are my favorite games. I love listening to and playing music, it keeps me alive. Doctor Who is my favorite TV show and I also love Coca-Cola. My favorite bands are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen, but i also like Steppenwolf & Steely Dan. Im semi depressed, but music, writing, and drawing keep me going. I am a great singer, but nobody ever wants to listen. That's about it.

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Favorite Quote All that you know, and all that you think, and all that you touch, and all that you see is all that your life will ever be.
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I Love Pink Floyd

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