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I Write Poetry

Snowfall In March There is snow dripping from my fingertips melting in the pavement and forming icy pathways in the cracks. It seeps and forms with life redefining a shivering heart... [more]
  • I Have Astraphobia

    Astraphobia I remember that it started sometime between first grade and second grade, but I have no idea what started it. Whenever there's a really severe storm I get an internal panic attack. It's not as bad as … [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Remembering My memory is going but that’s why I need your tactile, your touch. I need the calluses of your hand to mesh with me, mold with me so I can be that frozen face in the snow… [more]
  • I Am Single

    Fluctuation Lately I've been having conflicting emotions about being single. On the one hand, I love the freedom and independence it brings, but on the other hand, I've been feeling very lonely. I don't want to b… [more]
  • I Am Sad

    I Am Sad It took me a while to understand why depression is so often compared with drowning. In the past I have been diagnosed with depression, but it was different. Now it physically feels like I'm drowning. … [more]