Female , 22-25

I am an oddball who has given up trying to fit in. I have a complex mind and want to meet like minded people. I'm also an artist and have 0 patience. I love twinkies and Dim Sum.

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Favorite Quote Live for today for it is a present
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Taurus
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Books Dice Man, Just Listen, Along for the ride, The pillars of the earth Ken Follet, Twilight Saga
Music Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Gregory and the Hawk, Iron and Wine, Bob Marley
Movies Short, the fox and the hound, bambi, snatch, Twilight saga, Breaking bad, DEXTER
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I Am Shy

Bashful, Like A Kid I am such a shy person. If I talk publicly; from a room of 50 or a amongst a group of people or even 1 person I blush. My face goes bright red and I start fumbling with my words and stammering. I have... [more]
  • I Feel So Alone

    I Don't Matter Today I realised I'm visable when someone shoved past me... But I don't matter to anyone. No-one know's I'm here unless they need something and as I've grown older I have lost my friends. I considered… [more]
  • I Feel Out of Place In Everything, I Dont Belong Anywhere

    I Don't Get It I've always been an outsider looking in... At first I thought it was a phase and then I reached 25 and realized it's gotta be permanent. I like being the one who doesn't fit in because it means I get … [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    I Lost My Last Chance... I am lonely and always have been. I am used to me being by myself in almost every way. I look at my phone and I have nothing; not 1 missed call or text message. And then one day a girl came along and … [more]
  • I Love Meeting People From Other Countries

    Penpal I love meeting/speaking with people from different countries. It's so interesting and educational to share culture differences, so much can be gained from it. When I was a kid, I had a penpal in Ethio… [more]