Male , 51-55
Feeling hopeful
Another (year) bites the dust... Dog, I hope 2015 is an improvement, but my Mum's and Dad's health make that unlikely... Best wishes to all.

Hair: Grey (if any)
Eyes: Bloodshot/Brown
Complexion: Wrinkled/Olive
Outlook: skeptical optimist

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Vices Drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, vanity
Politics Very Liberal
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Books Anything by: Kurt Vonnegut, Tim Winton, Peter Carey, Jeanette Turner-Hospital, Henry Handel Richardson, Katherine Susannah Pritchard, David Malouf, Thomas Keneally, Patrick O'Brian
Music Jazz -Swing and BeBop; Classical; Delta Blues; Gregorian Chants
Movies Nah, I prefer books
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I Write Character Sketches

CHARLES DICKENS, VICTOR HUGO AND DEX In the tradition of Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, George Orwell and Marcus Clarke, I like to make close observations of my city's down... [more]
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