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I Have a Confession

Some People really get on my NERVES! I UNDERSTAND! people and the way they act sometimes....If u ask me they need to GROW UP!and be MATURE! [more]
  • I Love Food This Love? I have been talking to this guy for 6 months now, I have very deep feelings for him and i care alot about him. The thing is just a few months ago he acted like he didn't care one bit about me or how… [more]
  • I Am Irish

    Love Of My Life And Maybe Near Future? So the guy im talking to now, we talk almost everyday. There isnt a day where i cant go without talking to him. I got his message this morning and he said that we dont got to constantly talk, im not t… [more]
  • I Love Food

    Love Hurts Sometimes I'm Just a 17 year old girl, still trying to figure out what love truly is, I know I'm still young and I know that there's more than one guy out there in the world. My sophomore year I had taken gym … [more]
  • I Love Food

    Cultural Foods I love trying different foods.Chinese,Mexican, Italian .… [more]