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I haven't been on in at least a year or two so much has changed on this site its nonsense

Hi:) I'm Kimberly! I'm a happy and positive person and I'm pretty active. Family is very important to me. I became the mother of twins November 18, 2009. I'm engaged to
be married to the love of my life on March 17,2012. :) Beautiful Chaos.

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I Am a Teen Mom

Changes.... I joined Ep almost 4 years years ago as a brand new mom of just a few weeks at the time looking for someone else who was going through the same new trials and tribulations as I was. Today my children... [more]
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  • I Am a Mother

    Until You<3 I never pulled over to stare at horses, I was never willing to give someone else my last bite, I never planned on handling someone else's boogers, I never listened to a song 50 times… [more]
  • I Am a Teen Mom

    Reality Of Being A Teen Mom I've been getting alot of messages lately from girl saying that they want to be teen mom and that they are so in love with their boyfriend that they just want to have a baby so bad. I've also been tol… [more]
  • I Am a Teen Mom

    I Got 2 For 1 So it all started with my amazing boyfriend that I have been with sinse 7th grade when one night we took our relationship to the next level I didn't even realize what happend until I took the test .so… [more]
  • I Am a Young Mother

    Young Mother! Even though I am still 17 I really don't think of myself as a Teen Mom anymore because I'm really not a Teenager anymore and I haven't been for a long time. I'm soon to be 18 and my boyfriend is 18. W… [more]
  • Obesession with Circumcision --RANT--

    Posted on: December 5th, 2011 at 5:59PM

    I'm going to have a quick rant! Ok I am so f*cling sick and tired of how extremely obsessed with circumcision some mothers are becoming!! Circ is a choice that parents should make between eachother. I've seen so many people who are so obsessed with intact that they take it so far. Just because you don't want to Circ your son doesn't mean that you have to campaign and start this huge pointless debate/fight with people about how they are such horrible people if they Circ their sons. People have reasons for all the decisions they have made. Another thing all these people who are so f*cling obsessed they have this saying "his body his choice" personay I think that is a stupid quite for a baby… [more]


  • All about Pictures

    Posted on: March 29th, 2011 at 7:15PM

    Everyone keeps asking me why I don't have any pictures of Marley and Bently on here so I just thought that I would make a blog about it. So the reason I don't is because even though I have my pictures private Amelio and I both a agree that we don't feel totally comfortable having pictures of my children on the inrternet,even though I totally trust the people I have on my friends and that would have access to them. But anyway,we just don't really want pictures of them on here that just our decision as their parents! But we do have pictures of Us on here and if your in my circle you woul beable to see them! And thanks to everyone who send me msg saying that Amelio and I are cute together lol! … [more]


  • Surprise pregnancy!?!

    Posted on: January 10th, 2012 at 5:40PM

    Guess what!!! My Dog had puppies! We didn't know she was pregnant so this was a big surprise! 5 little puppies 4 boys 1 girl! They turned 1 week yesterday. They are the sweetest little things and the twins are loving playing with them! I bet you thought I was pregnant right?? Lol! Don't be jumping to conclusions! :) … [more]


  • Little wedding update!

    Posted on: July 21st, 2011 at 10:23PM

    Hey! Well we have moved our wedding to march since it will be better weather because we are going to have an outdoor wedding on my parents farm! So far we have my dress picked out..and that's about it! Haha there are 2 bridesmaids dresses that I am in love with so I need to decide between them! I'm going to have 5 bridesmaids! My 2 sisters then 3 of my friends! The flower girls will be my neice Averi (5 by then) and Marley (2 by then). As for the ring bears it will be Bently (2 by then) and my Nephew Drake (1 by then) and my sister Cheyanne is pregnant and the baby is due in November so he/she will also be in the wedding as a FG/RB (4mo by then) and of course Amelio will have his 5 guys incl… [more]