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i'm 15 (it says im 18 because i think that its stupid that i cant join certain things because of my age) and i have dysthimic depression and i am on prozac. my mood varies a lot. i hate myself. even if i feel relatively happy, it's still in the back of my mind. i get a lot of "happiness hangovers" i'll feel like i'm on top of the world, then the next day i'm suicidal. i hate looking in mirrors because i'm absolutely grotesque. and there is no changing my mind-set unfortunately. but on a lighter note, i want to double major in neuroscience and experimental psych, and double minor in education and philosophy. i wish i could quadruple major honestly but that would take forever. i love to write poetry, sing, draw, and i am a HUGE psychology nerd. im also a choir geek and a math geek and damn proud of it :)

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Why Can't I Just Have That? All I want is to love and to be loved. [more]
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    i finally did it, and i couldnt be more scared
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    even though
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    I have less than a year with you
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