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i'm nice, patient, and AWESOME. i'm full of surprises. i'm a good listener and a good friend. i do not judge people for their opinions as long as they can respect mine. i may be young, but i am not dumb. i can keep a secret and my favorite color is purple. i like pandas! peace out! :)

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Favorite Quote even a broken clock is right twice a day... that is what forgiveness sounds like; screaming and then silence... it\'s finger lickin\' good...
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Horoscope Cancer
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Books Sweep series by Kate Tiernan, Uglies series By Scott Westerfield, Song Of The Lioness series By Tamora Pierce, Poison By Chris Wooding, Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut,
Music Rock, Metal, Emotive Hardcore, Not Country
Movies Zombieland, the Evil Brain From Outer Space, Across the Universe, Scary Movie 1, 3,4, Watchmen, the League of Extraordinary Gentleman,
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I Have Stretch Marks

Fixing It So i've had these stretchmarks for a while. On the backs of my arms. Behind my knees. On my sides. It's really hurt my confidence. I know i let myself gain a few extra pounds but its the marks that... [more]
  • I Am a Teen Wiccan

    My Teacher Doesn't Know How Awesome She Is Of course I love art! Its just natural. Because of that I took three art classes. They were all with the same teacher. Out of all of the teachers I've ever had, she is the best.Not only was she a fun,… [more]
  • I Hate Being Called a Kid

    All I Want Is Respect ok. i'm not 18. that doesn't matter. compared to most adults i am more mature. i have common sense and know what respect means. no adults should be tellin me what to do or what choices to make. i know… [more]
  • I Am a Teen Wiccan

    Getting My Friend Started My mom has always believed in the paranormal, and impossible. She and I are open to many things. Recently I've met a new friend. She is open to new things. She spent the night at my place; and as you … [more]
  • I Like Chocolate

    Always today there is a chocolate bar in my freezer. frozen chocolate is good... for a long time now, i have been making sure that i have chocolate in there no matter what. its been about a year since i star… [more]