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I Do You Really Care

Assaulted In My Wheelchair And People Don't Care I was assaulted for asking a kid to pick up rubbish in a small quaint town in England and ended up on the floor covered in blood with over 40 people watching and a few people filming me on their cell... [more]
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  • I Keep Getting Rejected For Being Disabled By Women

    Being Rejected Three years ago my ex wife left me for my best friend and told me she was embarrassed because I use a wheelchair. I can walk a little bit because I'm not paralysed, I'm just in a lot of pain whic… [more]
  • I Am Hare Krishna

    It's Very Lonely Being A Hare Krishna I started using a wheelchair a few years ago and live in the UK and now I can't mmet with my godbrothers because there is no access for me. I am in quite a lot of pain and struggle to get out and… [more]
  • I Am Not Loved By My Mother

    My Mother Beat Me With Weapons! When I was a young child I remember the love I had for both my parents and I was the youngest, I sat at the dinner table begging my mother and father to never leave each other, I don't know why I felt… [more]
  • I Have Schwannomatosis

    Chronic Pain I have Schwannomatosis and have tumours on my spinal cord about 30 of them and they give me so much pain I am in quite a deep depression. It took 15 years to get diagnosed and got treated very ba… [more]