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I'm a very loyal person and somewhat possessive. I love to be loved...I'm trying to socialize to gain friends that I can call my own.

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I Have Five Things That Are Essential In My Life

5 Things That Are Esssential In My Life I have five things that are essential in my life...they are:  1. family (my husband and kids), 2. my parents and brother, 3.  my pets, 4. money 5. food!!!!  can't live without... [more]
  • I Have Been Depressed

    Help...i Am Alone! I wanted to believe that living happily ever after can also happen in real life just in fairy was indeed a happy relationship for almost nine years.  It shook me off when I knew tha… [more]
  • Wonderful Person

    Posted on: November 24th, 2009 at 1:47AM

    I've been travelling alone these weekend and it made me tired to the bones! While I'm on my way home, I met this wonderful woman. It will take me 7 hours to travel and good thing, somebody sat beside me inside the bus. She initiated the conversation and we chatted the whole trip! 7 long hours! She is very sensible and a good person...that I can sense very well. She is very wonderful. At her age, I guess around early 40's, she knows a lot! I would really love to see her again...I hope our land will cross again some other time. She made my trip interesting and less boring. Wherever you are right now, THANK YOU!!!… [more]


  • Why are We Faced with Challenges

    Posted on: March 16th, 2010 at 12:07AM

    Everyone has our own set of issues or problems...Why are we prone to getting one. Everyday, you'll be able to solve one and incur more than what you have solved. They say that God loves every human being that He created. He gives us problems to test us and to help us practice our decision making...but why does He give so much problems that will make us feel its already neck deep. He knows our capabilities and He knows from the very start if we will be able to handle it or not...I know He knows everything--all our needs and wants...He wants us to initiate...Thinking twice, maybe God just wants us to remember that He is always there ready to help us whenever we need it the most...all we … [more]


  • What's the phones' use?

    Posted on: November 27th, 2009 at 1:34AM

    Well, I think we're already in the modern age, where all hi-tech gadgets are available and selling like pancakes. I strongly believe that people nowadays own one or more mobile phones. Can you blame? People wanted it for convenience. So that they can easily get in touch with anybody--business or family. Having said that, I understand that it is essential that mobile phones are reachable anytime of the day...but what would you feel if the person you are trying to call cannot be reached? You would comprehend if one mobile phone is turned off but both of them, I don't think so...It's really aggravating...specially if the reason for your calling is very important...really important and ti… [more]


  • I'm Tiring!

    Posted on: November 8th, 2009 at 6:11PM

    Another new Monday! I woke up early morning to prepare for the day. Do all the chores at home and stay alone until late afternoon. All the daily chores made me sick. It's just that I'm doing the same things again and again. Nothing's new...same ol' story. I don't want to believe that life is boring. I know there's gonna be something out there that can change my point of view but I just don't know what its gonna be and where I can find it. It's even more hard if you don't have any friends of your own to share your thoughts......… [more]