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I Am Sick of Being Single

I just want a good girlfriend that it [more]
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  • I Miss My First Love

    How I Met My First Gf This how it start blah blah blah school didn't really care Teacher: hello class we have a new student her name is tk she from out of state so got anything to say Me: what state Tk… [more]
  • I Love Pokemon

    Pick If you was a Pokemon what you will be?… [more]
  • I Love Her So Much

    When we first met it was like butterfly in my stomach. She was always getting bullied. ( maybe I shouldn't write that) I really love her we talk at lot and I want to marry her. ( one day not today) I … [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    My Emo Life So I'm here in my room. I had a hard day this weekend but it all cool. I went to this park then I work ( I clean blood) when I was 13 I start cutting myself because my friend die in a car crash. So my… [more]