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I Girls Toni Home Perms For Sissy Boys

My Home Perm My female friend Gerry had decided it was time I experience a home perm. I do not say no to her , as she knows what is best for me. Gerry instructed me to go to any store I... [more]
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  • I Was Dressed As a Girl By Someone

    Christmas Confessions My girlfriend Gerry loves to dress me as a girl, and this Christmas season she has seen to it my closet and dresser have filled up with female clothing. Weeks before Christmas Ger… [more]
  • I Was Dressed As a Girl By Someone

    I Am Dressed As A Girl By Someone I am dressed as a girl by someone, her name is Gerry, As a boy I am shy ,and quiet and quite uncomfortable around others, others usually have a mean way aabout them to me as a boy, … [more]
  • I Girls Adopting Boys As Special Sisters

    Greetings A Introduction Hello my name is anderson , and my special sisters name is Gerry we are both new members to the site, I am a boy who likes it when Gerry dresses me up as a girl. She know… [more]
  • I Grandmothers Adopting Boys As Special Granddaughters

    My Grandmother Is Pleased My Grandmother was very pleased to see that I like to be dressed like a girl. She has no real grandaughters so I am now her special little girl, I have been treated extra specia… [more]