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Favorite Quote ... All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream...!
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I Love Movie Quotes

True Romance.. One of my favourite movies quote:"Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the thunder of gunshots, and all I could smell was the violence in the air, I look back and am amazed that... [more]
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  • I Love Spanish Songs

    Amor Amor... Nino...… [more]
  • I Love Spanish Songs

    Buika - No Habrá Nadie En El Mundo Sin palabras... na cantante unica!… [more]
  • I Feel Inspired By This Quote

    Paul Gaugine "I close my eyes to see"… [more]
  • I Am Not Who They Think I Am

    The Girl With One Piercing And 5 Tattoos…  Ah… this is so hard…..Don’t know how to organize my thoughts and think of what to write, it’s not like I usually do that but I put some little thought before writing, but for now……… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Darkest Blue
    I can see into this abyss, There is no stopping myself, From feeling this. And I think it's coming through, The air it torments me, I try to move that dial, And change this frequency. Everywhere that I go, Misery will follow, And it won't let me go, And it won't let go. I keep fading into you, Drowning in your darkest blue, The sorrow pulls me down, I'm weightless without sound, I still hear them calling. There's no hope, There's no hope for me, Cause I can't silence the sound, They keep calling me. (They keep calling me) Everywhere that I go, Misery will follow, And it won't let me go, And it won't let go. I keep fading into you, Drowning in your darkest blue, The sorrow pulls me down… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I'm a fool
    I love a man "without a face"... He had me with his kind words, his voice and songs sets ... And i dont even know his name... How stupid is that? … [more]
  • The child in me

    Posted on: January 1st, 2010 at 12:34PM

    ...My life turned many shades of grey...Yesterday I've found myself walking on the beach with dried and empty eyes... ignoring what once it used to make me happy: the sea......I'm feeling like a lost rose in a bouquet of mixed emotions ... sadness, fear, anger, solitude...I miss looking at the world through a child's eyes...When everything seemed fresh and bright and pure and joyful and new...My thoughts are dark and moody...My heavy and unsteady hands won't let me paint... My piano gets dustier and older day by day...I've lost my calling... it probably drowned in the sea of dead people, of darkness and disappointment and violence...You came to me and tried to melt my heart with the smile o… [more]


  • Letters that were never sent (1)

    Posted on: January 2nd, 2010 at 2:41AM

    ....and so it is and it will always be.. love never forgets... I am not writing these to make you feel better or see me in another way... I am just trying to share my thoughts...When I first met you, you rocked my world... I found myself standing like a teenager, shivering and feeling those butterflies in my stomach. In the same time...I was fulfilled with happiness and fear... Was strange for me to feel all these after so many disappointments.So I opened the door of my world and let you in. Was quite hard, but I did it. And that happened because of your simple way of being. I was telling to myself: "I am walking on through this life, without anyone hanging at his arm. Nobody to call my nam… [more]


  • She

    Posted on: March 26th, 2011 at 1:49AM

    She gently bites her bottom lip. She takes a deep breath as her head turns towards everyone else. She pastes a smile on her mouth and a fake sparkle in her eye. Little do they know that her face is fake. She's waiting until no one's around so she can fall down and cry. Only one person knows her, not her best friend, not her mom. She knows herself, knows herself well, and she knows that the girl everyone else sees is a lie. Everyone sees confidence. Everyone sees happy. But she's neither. She is scared of the future but anxious at the same time. She’s afraid of being alone, but she always is. She’s not carefree and she’s not dumb. She’s always thinking. But no one will ever know, because her … [more]