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Mr. MTV by Nothing More I love this song so much [more]
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  • I Need a Friend to Talk to Openly

    It's kind of hard to find a friend that you can talk about anything to them and they'll understand you. Well for me I don't have a best friend and I never really had one. I wish I had a friend that I … [more]
  • I Really Hate Being Alone Sometimes

    Especially when I'm in my room all alone and nobody to talk to. It's boring and frustrating at the same time. Because either I have bad thoughts or I'll just feel unhappy.… [more]
  • I Am Having a Bad Day

    Well today is my first day back to school in Spring. I don't like any of my classes. I feel like I have a lot on my shoulders this semester. I wish I had my other professor from the previous semester … [more]
  • I Spend a Lot of Time By Myself

    Yeah I feel like I do. The other day I went to the movies by myself and then I went to go eat by myself at a restaurant. It was weird because I would look on the other side and it's just empty. It's k… [more]