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Im tall, tan and handsome!;]

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Favorite Quote I hate to advocate Drugs, Violence or insanity to anyone, But they have always worked for me.
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I Will Graduate High School

Senior Year! Im excited because i know i will have fun because I love high school! But im also scared because I have to try so hard to pass all my classes to graduate on time! [more]
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  • I Love the Beach

    Nude Beach In Brazil! Im going to a nude beach this weekened were i will get naked and take mushrooms hopfully i find me a nice brazilian girl!;] … [more]
  • I Don't Like Being Sober

    High Everyday! I like smoking weed everyday. I only feel this way (I dont like being sober) when im bored if im having fun i dont mind but i bet it would be alot more fun to have fun and be high!:]… [more]
  • I Took Acid In Brazil

    Acid In The Junggle! So I am on a summer trip in Brazil with a girl I know from here. she introduced me to her friends and so we decided to take acid in a junggle. it was a crazy experience I saw a lot of monkeys at first… [more]
  • I Would Like to Know Your Favorite Drugs and Why

    I Am My own favorite drug. because i make people happy, laugh, and take there mind off of anything. I do drugs my personal favorite is marryjane because she is a herb that comes from the earth and it… [more]