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i know myself, do you know you.

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Favorite Quote do not wish to be anything but what you are, and to be that perfectly.
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I Have a Confession

It was sometime ago, I was on MySpace, got distracted by a advertisement for EP and once on began to read all these people talking about anything, and though cool a site to express opinion's, my kinda... [more]
  • I Think A Strong Man Masters Others

    A Truly Wise Man Masters Himself.  There are so many scars inside of people, it is incredible that we survive. Scars from dreams deferred. Scars from words, incidents and our judgements of them. We cover the scars with persona… [more]
  • I Think About You Alot

    Why When You Least Expect It.. Think about all the time's you spent thinking about someone, not knowing if the are too are thinking of you. Would it make a difference  if you knew that they weren't, see someone is telling me t… [more]
  • I Love My Mum

    She Is Great... THROUGH all the years of hardtimes, badtimes, through thick and thin, you've shown so much love, don't know where to begin... to thank you would take a lifetime, and i have wasted enough time as … [more]
  • I Am As Great As I Think I Am

    You May Not Know How To Raise Your Self-esteem, But You Definitely Know How To Stop Lowering It. Self-esteem is a sense of value and worth that comes from a positive self-image. Self-esteem beings with you and extends to all that you do. With the belief that your best is always good enough, no… [more]