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I Beautiful Women

I Started This Group Beautiful Women By: Me Written on October 17th, 2012 I started this group I want to see who believes they are beautiful. I asked the question, "What are the five... [more]
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    Continuation Of "beautiful Women" Her eyes sparkle with life, laughter and "love you too"ness. A woman at the front bar bubbles out, "Why, you must be from Hollywood." The Beauty in Black touches her hand and smiles warmly to cut the … [more]
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    I Am Living Fully Again
    Three weeks ago, while lifting light weights, I felt an unusual throbbing behind my right elbow. I stopped and rested for the day. But the throbbing was now coming in squeezing and painful waves. Thinking my body would recover with sleep, that is what I did: I hit the sheets.The next morning my arm was swollen and slightly purple. By the afternoon I was sitting in a packed Emergency Room. Most of the people waiting looked so much worse than me that I was almost embarrassed enough to think about leaving. Thanks Heavens I didn't!  When I finally finished all the testing, I was shocked to find out I had a life-threatening blood clot that needed emergency medicine and a procedure.Two days later,… [more]