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I Am Bipolar and Take No Medication

Starting Meds 20 Years Later So today I finally got to see a psychologist at a clinic to get free meds, am on Epilim & Rivotril so lets see if finally I will be more stable and balanced and perhaps not scare my husband off... [more]
  • I Had An Abortion

    Anniversary Of Abortion 17 years ago I terminated my pregnancy, it was the hardest day of my life and a choice I have regretted ever since. Today I would do anything to have that child in my life.From my experience I w… [more]
  • I Am Bipolar and Take No Medication

    Thinking About Medication I have been Bipolar for many years - too many. It has caused so much pain to my family and broken many relationships, always around the 2 year mark. Now I am married, been with my man nearly 3 years b… [more]
  • I Always Regret Having An Abortion

    17 Years Later Late in January 1995 I was date-raped at a party by a boy who I rather fancied...He used a condom and it broke, he told me that I had better not get pregnant and then went to go drink with… [more]