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open minded, normally a happy go lucky kind of girl, have been known to lack in tack, however if you don't want to hear the truth a word of advice..........'don't ask me' .....often the truth will offend.
I am a professional women, and am proud to say i have lived a life, not just been alive, i have had my ups and down's, brushes with domestic violence, and crazy ex's......but I guess that's all part of life's journey, life's lessons, 'life is a path we all must travel' i believe in helping others along the bits of the path i have already stumbled on to try to help them find their way with more ease than i did.

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I Hate Men Who Lie

This Is Where An Angel's Experience With Dv Begins Kids & animals have the ability to sense the things that us adults tend to choose to turn away from or ignore rather than to go with their gut feeling, because sometimes our gut feeling means we may... [more]
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  • I Hate Men Who Lie

    The Hard Way There was a time that I was in the dark tunnel of domestic and family violence, however at the time I didn't realize that this is what it was called.  I was told 'you made your bed now you lie i… [more]