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Christian minister, student, amateur researcher, survival enthusiast, armed/unarmed combat enthusiast, dude with an opinion.

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Favorite Quote "Learn everything, and all you can."
  • 100% American
  • and a little Czechoslovakian
  • and a little Scots-Irish
  • and a little Polish
Vices Immaturity, instability, and everything that goes along with them.
Politics Conservative
Horoscope Taurus
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Books The Bible, L'Inferno, 1984, Science of Star Trek, Audacity of Deceit, Good Poems, The Killing Joke.
Music Rock, country, R&B, blues, jazz, classical, big-band, swing, alternative, 90's, 2000's...
Movies The Dark Knight, Anything with Jim Carey, Swordfish, Rambo(s), The Condemned, Phantom of the Opera, Any of the Hannibal Lecter/Lecktor movies.
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I Have a Confession

The Woman I Love... Never in my life,Even in my wildest dreams,Even in my strongest hallucinations,Kafka-esque though they were,I had imagined such an angel could... [more]
  • I Would Like to Thank a Teacher

    Darla Grieser-draper... It's been over a decade, so I guess I can bring myself to talk about this more openly... it weighs on my mind heavily...I've never actually fit in. When I wasn't the fly on the wall, watch… [more]
  • I Am An Incarnated Angel

    Confusion... Putting aside dreams and games, I don't know if I'm what you might call an "incarnate angel" or not. Maybe, after reading my story, somebody can help me figure it out...I have memories fro… [more]
  • I Cannot Fall Out of Love

    Everywhere... She's everywhere, but nowhere at the same time.I wake up, she's in my head. Her face is the first thing I look for, her voice is the first thing I hear running through my mind.I put … [more]
  • I Have Put My Hope In Gods Word

    The Trustworthiness Of The Bible... I'll keep it short and sweet...In every philosophical standard - empirical, teleological, utilitarian, and thousands of others, - the Bible proves itself true, useful, and irrefutable. Dis… [more]