i belive God sent me to earth to help people and i hope to do so one at a time :) i have had dreams since i was eigh and they come true i have read in the bible 28 references to God speaking to you threw dreams and no one knows the future but God so listen to your dreams

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I Dream Interpretation

28 References In The Bible To God Speaking To Us In Dreams i have had dreams as long as i can remember with most of them comming true! It is a blessing from God he tells me medications to ask for the doctor and warnning of car lisensplate to avoid car wreck... [more]
  • I Have Been Fat My Entire Life

    Your Fat Its Not Your Fault most people who are over weight have unknown food alergys! when you avoid the alergen foods weight comes off naturaly. todays food is all processed food and God did not make ower body to break down al… [more]
  • I 'm In A Relationship

    Shacked Up For 15years yes i have been in the relationship for 15 years and never had the earge to get married and am happy i feel the paperwork will get in the way if i want out lol just joking i feel its just a paper that… [more]
  • I Love Great Movie Scenes

    Movie Lines my bff use movie lines to describe our emotions its sooo fun no one knows what we are talking about unless they are movie buffs too… [more]
  • I Have Strange Dreams

    28 References In The Bible That God Speaks To Us In Dreams I have had dreams all my life and most of them come true or have to do with my health what medication to ask the doctor for and what to do to help people analyse the dreams they have so if you need he… [more]