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Average English lad. Not bright, not too stupid, like fun and cool people. I work on the farm part time and am at college the rest of the time and help in a local shop sometimes. I am a bit lonely at the moment because one of my best mates has gone away to university and the other has joined the army, but I am finding plenty to do.

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I Want To Play Experience Project Tag

I Was Tagged By Moonpenny I go to college I work on a farm (when not at college) I live with my grandparents I have a dog called Wuffa (named after an early king of East Anglia and a very good name for a dog... [more]
  • I Like History

    Like The History Of My Area I live in Suffolk and live in a very old town. Part of my grand parents house where I live is more than 400 years old. Before the Norman Conquest Suffolk and Norfolk made up the Kingdom of East Anglia… [more]
  • I Went to a Catholic School

    Helped Me A Lot I am not Catholic but I wasn't doing very well at my local school so when I was 12 my grandparents paid for me to go to a private Catholic school about ten miles away. My friend went there so I had so… [more]
  • I Love Jokes And Riddles

    A Bad Nun Q. What is the difference between a good nun and a bad nun? A. A good nun says 'Amen' and a bad nun says 'Ah, men!' … [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I Work On A Farm In Suffolk, England. Ask Me Anything. Well I am also at college some of the time but I also work on the family farm which is just outside the village where I live. It used to be run by my grandad but my uncle took over when he retired. It… [more]