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I Can't Believe I Saw That

It Was A Warm Indian Summer Day In Northern Michigan. Twas the night before the hunting season opened in Northern Michigan, Fall of 1977. I had planned a Bow hunting trip to my favorite Hunting grounds. I woke up at 4 am for the two hour drive North... [more]
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  • I Love to Cuddle After Making Love

    A Hot Summer Night! It was a hot summer evening! The kind of day where it is too hot to stand and too sticky to sit. He had been working all day in his air conditioned office. The heat of the drive home had made him a bi… [more]
  • I Love Poetry

    The Red Haired Irish Girl The sun has set, the stars are still, The red moon hides behind the hill; The tide has left the brown beach bare, The birds have fled the upper air; Upon her branch the lone cu… [more]
  • I Love the Female Body

    The Most Sensual Part Of A Womans Body Is? Ok I took the poll, but the very most important part of a woman's body was not even a choice, so I wrote this.You seduce her "mind" and her body will follow!    IMHO!… [more]
  • I Wish That I Could Sleep In Your Arms Tonight

    Misplaced Intimacy! Posted September 14th, 2011 at 2:04PM I originally posted this as a confession , but I guess it is more of a story!  So here it is! I often get asked to do photo shoots.  Som… [more]
  • The Morning After!

    Posted on: September 30th, 2011 at 3:43AM

    I hope I can articulate this in  a adult manner.In April of 2010, I married my second wife.  She was a beauty, 28 yrs old, I was 54. We moved to Ark. to be near her family.  We got married a week later in a small ceremony.Ok< her parents went nuts.  There were over 1000 people in the reception hall following the Wedding.It was crazy, all the woman relatives wanted to dance with me. I spent hours on the dance floor.That night, in our hotel room, she was too tired for sex she said...well I said thats not going to happen,Well I quickly discovered she had recently had sex.  I thought, just your imagination dude!  Fast forward five months...There was a small fire at work, and a mandatory short wo… [more]


  • Of Love and Life!

    Posted on: February 4th, 2012 at 11:37PM

    I am not even sure what I am talking about here! I was doing some research and came across some poetry and quotes concerning love and it got me to thinking.Thinking about my own life, and how it has evolved. I am Divorced twice.  I never even thought I would get married once. When I was younger, I was shy and though Girls seemed to find me attractive, they did not really seem to like my shy personality. As I matured, and got my college Degree, I found it easier to approach woman.  My first wife was engaged to a young man who had recently dropped out of college and took a job in Retail sales.  I found her personality captivating, always a smile, always seeking a little fun, even if it got a b… [more]


  • Butterflies are Free!

    Posted on: January 17th, 2012 at 3:25PM

    I have been running sort of a butterfly theme on my profile lately!For those who think i have lost my mind, I assure you I have not.Butterflies are my happy spot. I love them, they are one of natures truly beautiful creations.I have thousands of pictures of Butterflies in my collection. I am sharing them here because I felt down,and it makes me feel good to see the pictures,and share them.Butterflies come in many different shapes  and sizes.I have pictures of Butterflies as large as a14 inch wingspan,and have seen one with a three foot wing span in a magazine. I am far from an expert, but enjoy them very much!Thank You!Love is like a Butterfly,  It pleases wherever it goes, And it goes where… [more]