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I Miss Him So Bad It Hurts

Something Is Missing And It Really Hurts My Heart Almost a month now since we communicate like we use before, being alone here in Singapore and trying to move on is really difficult for me. I can't denied that ever since the trip to France for 2... [more]
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  • I Love a Married Man

    When A Married Man Fall For You! I was never going to believe until I went out with him for the first time together.¬†Even though¬†we work together, we talk and sometimes we see each other...I have no feelings for him at all. When we… [more]
  • I Crossdress and Prostitue

    Imagining Myself Being A Prostitute? After watching the English movie 'The Client List', I being to imagine myself marrying a man which his job isn't enough to support his family and you are jobless with 3 kids and you really need a job … [more]
  • I Love a Married Man

    Traveling France Alone Just For Love- Long Distance Relationship I will be traveling to France for 2 weeks, departure on 19 May 2012 and will transit in between Doha for 2 hrs and then to Paris. I will be traveling alone but this is just an adventure for me. Celebr… [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    Love, 2 Different Countries, Sex, Sacrifice, Age, Cheat And Lie! OMG..... I needed help.... arghhh.... For me I know this guy from France. He is Algerian but born in France through Facebook.... I am not too sure why we start calling 'Baby' and 'Dear'. So we move to… [more]