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I Love Cats

My Crazy Cat my cat"s name was MIDNIGHT. she was a completely black cat. she was 9 yrs when she died, a tragedy i must add. Midnight, was my first and closest friend. she was born just a month be from... [more]
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  • I Am A Sorcerer At Heart

    My Inner Anodite At a very early age, i began to think of and understand the concept of magic and sorcery, mostly because of my early exposure to religious things and magical movies. At the age of 10 i kne… [more]
  • I Act Like a Cat

    My Cat Attitudes I act like a cat at times, and not just any cat, i act like a leopard. i growl alot, and i have developed a very deep snarl. i let my nails grow and i shape them like claws. i love to stalk, and roar … [more]
  • I Am Unique, Just Like Everybody Else

    Saddest Day Of My Life. I had just arrives home from school when it happened. a friend told me that her brother wanted to see me. i was tired from a hard day at school but i decided to go anyway. I was 16 at the … [more]