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I Believe In the Holy Spirit

In 2002 I suffered a type of aneurysm and a cerebral bleed to the brain. When I collapsed I thought that it was the end, but before my operation my wife came in the hospital room and... [more]
  • I Have Had Amnesia

    Having Amnesia And Recovering Amnesia? I never dreamed that I would have it. I remember long ago seeing a movie about a man who had amnesia and when doctors found him...he did not remember who he was or who he was married to… [more]
  • I Am Christian (pentecostal)

    Becoming Pentecostal. I was a Baptist all my life until my near death and then my healing.  The Baptists are fine people of faith, but I found to be healed it is a big help to become a pentecostal. I didn't have… [more]
  • I Had a Near Death Experience

    Near Death It is a long story! I will try to make it short so you can understand. A few years ago I collapsed on the floor with a terrible headache, and I remember nothing at all from that point for the ne… [more]
  • I Thank God For All He Has Given Me

    Thank You God! A few years ago I had a type of aneurysm and a cerebral bleed, which means that your brain is thoroughly soaked in blood and it means that one is in BIG trouble. I did not know that I might suff… [more]