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Truthfully I'm a fun guy I love desserts I wanna have the most fun weather it be funny or exciting and I'm gay but I won't get on u I promise

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I Have a Confession

I was a harrassment victum from 7th to 9th grade a nd even before tht I've dellt with bullies,hustlers,rude black men and army thugs then I almost punched a kid in the face slammed the door andb... [more]
  • I Have a Cat

    My Cat And Me He loves me so much he sits in my chair wen I'm gone he sleeps with me. He loves me up a lot… [more]
  • I Want Someone I Can Tell Anything To

    Epolough I need a guy who understands me I have no mom r.I.p so its just me and dad the economy is suckish I need a friend… [more]
  • I Really, Really Need a Hug

    I Love To Give Hugs I have been a harassment victum in school now I want hugs… [more]
  • I Love Chocolate

    Chocalte Is My Bff I love chocolate I don't get sick of hersheys but I need to watch it I might get diabetes so I need to know any chocollate substitutes… [more]