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I Had A Dream

A horse I used to have was showing me the way to somewhere. And I was petting them and hugging them. [more]
  • I Lost Friends

    Burned Bridges I lived a past that seems unreal to me now. Every one I was close to I separated myself from or made them angry. Then I burned the bridges behind me as if they were dead and mourned their loss as su… [more]
  • I Am Obsessed Over My Dog

    Fluffy Dog I drove out into the country to get my fluffy dog. I was supposed to turn by a tractor or something?? I got lost in the middle of no-where and had to ask people at a church where to find where I was … [more]
  • I Long For My Lesbian Soulmate

    Is She Some Where Out There? Someone who actually likes me back? Someone I can have coffee with in the morning? Someone I can come home to and hug? Someone other than my dog Please!… [more]
  • I Talk to Myself

    Outside Working I work outside usually by myself. I talk to myself about things I want to buy. I talk to myself about what I am going to have for dinner. I talk to myself about how I feel about people. Tell myself… [more]