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who am i? well i am me which is:
fun outragious, respectful,obnoxious,hilarious,outgoing,openminded,lovable,friendly,available for anyone,christian,wild,party rocker talented, im a people person

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I Have An Eating Disorder

And To Think I Was Getting Better Eating. It’s an everyday battle for me. I've always had trouble with body image ever since the 7th grade. I started vomiting around the age of 12 and I threw up for short periods of time, it wasn't... [more]
  • I Have Some Bad Childhood Memories

    I Watched It All If Only I Knew What I Knew Today i remember every single detail of it. it was late at night and my older sister got home. i was in the dinning room listening, my father started to yell at my sister and my sister starts to cry and cr;… [more]
  • I Have No Food In My House

    Its Ridiculous Now i am bulemic, and somedays i want to eat just to eat then throw it up, but at my house i cant do that. Its like i wake up in the morning and i go downstairs, i look in the frigarator no food just… [more]
  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    Memories Last A Lifetime My dad doesnt abuse me that much anymore, and it is dying down alot thanks to CPS and the Police. even though the pain and hurt is gone, the memories will forever be there i can neverr forget. sometim… [more]
  • I Have Bulimia

    My Bulimia I am very far from perfection i mean im fat, im unnatractive, i weigh 126 pounds and im ONLY14. It all started with thoughts , to be beautiful you have to be skinny, everything is better when your ski… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I TOLD THEM!!! AHHHH I TOLD THEM about my eating disorder ADVICE???
    i recently just told my parents about my eating disorder, My dad had the gall to show me pictures of African starving kids and he yells to me THOSE KIDS WISH THEY COULD EAT YOUR VOMIT, ugh that broke me but anyways, my mom is so supportive of it. she gives me advice and she is trying to help me before it gets worse. she helps me stay positive and at times i actually believe in myself. today i threw up but hey the other days i didnt but im trying to get better before it gets worse. i know that 6 months of being bulimic is not a very long time but i developed a  really bad habit based on emotions, stress, and insecurities  and it has caused ALOT of damage to my body. i cant even go to the bath… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    im finallly getting help
    i have been in so much pain and stress lately, i have been struggling with PTSD-D(post traumatic stress disorder-depression) also self harm and self image. i finally built up the courage to talk to my youth leader and my parents, who now put me in counseling. i was scared that i would be judged and stuff but really they are reallly reaching out to help me. i talk to my therapist once a week while i talk to my youth leader twice a week. so im talking to someone that can help me 3 times a week :) im happy that i am getting help because im tired of being in pain, and im tired of hurting on the inside; i want to be happy and free from all my burdens. … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    RIP Amanda Todd bullying is not a joke
    Amanda Todd was a fifteen year old girl who only wanted acceptance, forgivness, and love. but instead all she got  was bullied,and crap from people . this beautiful girl flashed some guy on video. so what she made a mistake but dont we all. he took a pic and blackmailed her, ended up finding her and posting her innapropriate picture on her facebook and all over the internet. this girl gets depressed and stressed and overwhelmed. then pepople lose respect for her and start saying hateful things about her. she moved from city to city because she wanted to find peace but every where she went that guy found her. she later hooked up with a guy who had a gf. he lead her on and she thought he liked… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i am ready
    I have to say, i am suicidal. For the first time i am really done living on this stupid earth. I have attempted suicide before, but this time it will be different, it will be permanent, and i will make sure of it.  Im not sure when i am going to commit, but i know it will be soon. I realize that this is a permanent decision, and i realize that i will hurt alot of people. i informed my parents of my death wish so i hope that it wont surprise them when i finally do commit.  My goal i'snt to hurt anyone, even though in the process it will. It hurts knowing the kind of effect it will have on close friends and family members. In time they will heal. My father told me before, if i go, he will be s… [more]