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Apparently deleting your account just puts it on vacation I totally forgot about this website

I'm off to berlin for awhile, I'll still be one here, i just wont be on often

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I Have Dark Eyes and Dark Hair

Dark? Or Just A Defect? My eyes have been a silvery or dark grey color since birth but i havent seen a doctor because im scared i have a defect.. do any of you know what it is to save me from the doctor? :( [more]
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    Broken Hearts And Vodka ;( I've just been drinking my pain away but the more i drink the harder it becomes and the source of my misery is my own business x(… [more]
  • I Like The Smell When It Rains

    Thunder ;) mm.. i just remember when i had my old house it was in the forest where every week or so a thunder storm would roll in and just relax me after long week of work and stress,,, sitting in my arm chair … [more]
  • I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

    I Will Too Ask away i will literally answer anything you throw at me… [more]
  • I Look Nice And Sweet, But I Am Actually Pretty Evil

    Alright I'll Start :) I might seem cute but if you royally **** me off I will not hesitate to hurt you no matter where i am >:) Now that i have made my point how about some tea ey? :)… [more]