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i live with friends and i am good. i really need a boyfriend.

i'm a 23 year old female that was severly abused by my bio father. watch my youtube videos on is my facebook page add me as a friend. i live in Minnesota. make cooments on my stories at let me know if it doesn't let you.

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I Im Still Homeless Child Still Missing

Im still homeless and still trying to find my child daniel lee heller who is a boy and my son. Im still looking for his father daniel lester. [more]
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    My Bio Mothers Story This Is Sad And Horrifying i don't think my mother has computer access and i don't think she would ever post any thing on the internet so i want to share my moms story because my bio mother was severly physically abused by her … [more]
  • I Hate the Government

    I Am A Victim Of Government Mind Controle Since Age 18 i'm going to make this short and not get into any detail. America is suppost to be free of speech so i am going to say what i want about the government and the mind controles. the governme… [more]
  • I Keanu Reeves

    What Is This Movie Called By Keanu Reeves it's where every one had to take a needle injection of medication that stops you from having human emotion and he has two kids in this movie and ones a boy and ones a girl. and every one has to wear t… [more]
  • I Met a Celebrity

    I Met A Famouse Actor On Nicklet Mall In Minneapolis It Was Mickael J. Fox I WAS PAN HANDLING AND HE GAVE ME TWO DOLLERS AND ASKED ME ABOUT MY SIGN THIS WAS SO COOL AND MADE MY WHOLE YEAR HAPPY!!!! he walked away to fast so i didn't get a chance to ask him if he … [more]