Female , 22-25

Im just a girl looking to make friends and trying to talk i dont go for sexual thingsbut i dont mind talking and learning new things Hi Im April My Birthday Is July 12 Im Fun Out Going Crazy And I Just Want To have fun and be happy with the people i love and care about

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Favorite Quote We were givein this life Because We Are Strong enough to live it
  • a little Italian (Sicilian)
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Polish
  • and a little German
Vices sexist,homophobic,animals hurters,religouis people
Horoscope Cancer
Special day
Books I Read alot so to many
Music Every thing greenday florence and the machine,drake,miguel,trysongs,secondhand serande.
Movies Lion King,push,jumper,2012,day after tomorrow
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I Adore Irish Men

Love i love irish men there so sexy and that accent drive me crazy good im irish and i love it ive never ment a mean irish person there all so sweet or the ones i ment anyways [more]
  • I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

    I'm An Open Book i bet most of the question will be from old pervs with many sexual questions i don't mind that but i wish people would ask real questions and stuff not a bunch of sexual things and ask anything from w… [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I'm An Open Book Ask Me go ask away anything im 15 and i like anwsering … [more]
  • I Had Crush On Teacher

    Im Sitll Crushing On Him... So I’m in high school sophomore and i have a history teacher. He is in his 40s. As old as my own father but i find him so sexy and attractive. I watch him like crazy in class the way he moves and t… [more]
  • I Am Fat

    Hi :) Hey im april and im fat i dont mind being a big girl i like it and i might weigh alot but i dont look as heavy as i am i just want in this world to find a cute guy to love me even tho i am bigger i j… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Before you make that first cut, remember-- You will find the blood and pain release addictive. Even though you think you can make a few tiny cuts that aren't deep and will heal easily-- They will get deeper. They will scar. They will take sometimes months to heal. And years for the scars to fade. If you think you can limit the cutting to one area of your body think again. It will spread when you run out of skin. Be prepared to withdraw from others and live in a constant state of shame. Even if you are the most honest person ever to live-- You will find yourself lying to the people you love. You will jerk back from your friends when they touch you as if their hands were dipped in poison. You … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Who is?
    Who is? When my world comes crashing down Who can I hold on to When my life is empty Who is there to fill it When my heart is missing puzzle pieces Who is going to put it together When I'm dieing Who is going to be there till the end When I look in the mirror and see all my flaws Who is looking at me and telling me I'm beautiful When I'm lying in bed alone Who is going to crawl in next to me and kiss me goodnight When I feel sounded by pain Who is pulling me away and showing me the good Who's arm will be around me when I cold Who's eyes will I look into and I will forget being scared Who is going to let me do all this for them Is there someone? Even if there is so… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Am Who I Am
    i don't want to say this like this but i am different and i know every other teenager says that but i know I'M not like every other kid in my city I'm the out cast and people don't accept me but i find a home on this computer talking to people that don't see me for anything but how i really am i know i have flaws that I'm not that pretty overweight and not the best at spelling ..... those r not the best things but there great because there apart of me IM waiting for that one person to see me like that tell my I'm beautiful even though i have a belly and fat that IM sweet and kind after we fight … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I lied.....Im Not Ok
    You asked me what was wrong I said nothing You asked me why I was sad I said no reason Truthfully those words were eating me up inside because nothing was right everything is wrong the image in my head kept replaying like a broken TV Of you kissing her and not even seeing me My heart tarred into pieces after trying so hard to stitch it back up Alone at night crying till the sun comes up I've been scared to feel again Knowing my words of I love you Are always left in vacant air Cracking my shell letting the tears leak in and fill me up in till I break But still loving you no matter how much it takes Your voice is like heaven your eyes are like the drugs that keep me high … [more]