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I Am Who I Am

A Very Lubricated Hand Bag So, the man I am with decided to spice things up a bit and went out last Tuesday night and got a room. I carried along a tube of KY and we had a fantastic time. The next day when I got ready for work... [more]
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  • I Feel That I Have a Lot of Different Sides to My Personality

    I Left A Man Laying In A Hospital Bed Yes, just like the title says. I was with a man for about two years and he was having some issues with kidney stones. Let me start at the beginning, we met at work and my marriage was just ending. We … [more]
  • I Love Thigh High Boots

    I've Been Away From Ep For A Short Time I have met the most wonderful man. I have known him for three years and we have been friends this whole time. I has spent the last six weeks in absolute bliss. I have never been treated so good. He is… [more]
  • I Have Severe Depression and Anxiety

    Depression And Anxiety I have had severe depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and was not treated for it for a very long time. The day finally came when there was no choice but to treat it because I became… [more]
  • I Am Very Selective When It Comes to Letting People Get Close

    I'm Not Broken Just A Little Bent Is All Most people who have ever been close to me have let me down in terrible ways. Both my mother and father abandoned me when I was 6 month old to start families of their own with other people. I was give… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My BF thiks I am out of town
    So, My BF and I work together. We don't live together, but I was getting a bit overwhelmed with our relationship and stress at work so I put in for my vacation this week. I told him that I was taking a trip to visit relatives I have not seen in a long time. Truth was I was moving and I needed some quiet time. Yes, I know he will find out that I have moved,(he knew I was going to soon) but he just left today on a business trip and won't be back for two weeks. Ok, so yes in order to pull this off I was not there to see him off to the airport and tell him bye. Today he sent me a text apologizing for not being home when I come back from my "trip." So, now I feel like a total b***h. So, why did I… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    When I'm sad
    When I'm sad I bake cookies. It makes me feel better because I know how much people like the cookies I make and bring to work. It makes me happy when I walk in and everyone is happy to see all the cookies. Fortunately, sometimes people ask me "Hey, when are you gonna bake some cookies?" That makes me happy.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I don't know how to make him understand
    I am in love with a wonderful man. He is sweet aand beautiful inside and out. He is wealthy and he is always trying to give me more than I need. All I want is his love. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I want him to understand I want him not what he can do for me. He makes me feel so safe and loved. I was brought up to work for what you have and I work very hard at my job and so does he. I love him and appreciaaate what he is trying to do but all I need is his love. I know that women he has dated in the past have used him for all they could get but I don"t want him to think I am like them. I am not. I love his hands, his hands are beautiful, they are strong,soft and so gentle. He makes … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    He makes my heart so happy
    This new guy that I am seeing, well we have been friends for a couple years but just recently started seeing each other. Now, that there is a romance brewing between us it's just so exciting. When I see him I get so excited and I can't wait to be able to talk to him alone and I look forward to working with him. He is just so so so very sweet. He enjoys spending time with me and I enjoy spending time with him too. It's just so nice. He out ranks me at work but he is just so down to earth everyone likes him. There are those who are already starting to talk and that bothers me some because at this point it is all very very innocent, nothing physical has happened and I like that so very much, it… [more]
  • I'm so sad today

    Posted on: June 21st, 2012 at 2:27PM

    I feel so bad today. Really sad. The man I have been seeing is out of town and will be for two weeks. Two weeks! It can't be helped, I know it but I miss him so much and it hurts. I feel so empty and alone without him. I miss him so much I feel sick. I'm just so very sad. I don't like that I feel this way and that I let him get into my heart like this because now I'm hurting and I should have never let him get so close to me because I don't want to be dependent on anyone for making me happy and now I see that I have become dependent on him to make me feel good. Right now without him I feel so bad. I wait on his call or text and I don't like it. I am debating on breaking it off, I've let him … [more]


  • I don't know where I am with him

    Posted on: January 27th, 2013 at 9:17AM

    We had a good week until Thursday. Now, we are arguing and there is so much miscommunication. He shuts down and won't talk to me and always seems to say "Everything is ok." I don't feel that it is. I feel like it's so far from ok that "ok" is not even in the realm of where we are. I wish I could walk away but I have tried that and I just can't. I love him but I really don't know why. I want to but the other circumstances just get in the way of me leaving him. What's the worst that could happen if I do? Well, I will need  another job, not really that big of a deal the company I work for is not that great anyway. I have been thinking of leaving my job anyway.… [more]


  • My heart is so broken

    Posted on: January 1st, 2013 at 9:48PM

    My bf and I broke up. It's so hard. 9 months of happiness is now nothing but a memory. It hurts so bad. I want to curl up and cry. I loved him so much but I guess I was nothing at all to him. That hurts more than anything to know I can be discarded so easily. I have him my whole heart and he broke it into a million pieces. I just don't want to face another day. I wanted to spend my life with him. Now that dream is gone. … [more]


  • Today is the day and I really mean it this time.

    Posted on: April 4th, 2012 at 12:41PM

    So, today Tommy will be back in town, he's trying to make it back by the time I leave work so we can see each other and spend some time together. Well, I just don't think I can continue in this whatever this is we are doing. I'm ready to move on although, I do care about him I just don't want to do this anymore. It's not stable between us, there's always a miscommunication or something that throws us into a week of not speaking to each other and then we go back to not getting enough of each other. I'm just tired and I think it's better to end it now when we are on good terms even though ending it more than likely will put us on bad terms because when he feels like he snot in control and he's… [more]