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hello, my name is Ashish Rai, I\'m from India, Asher Ray is my pen name, I have been writing for couple of national daily and magazines since I was 15 , writing is my free-time hobby and professionally I have been engaged doing engineering (electronics) as a student, i\'m looking for people to talk and share their views with me, i\'m friendly and don\'t bite hard enough feel free to post on my wall, or message or contact me anytime, anywhere only on one condition that \" you must have something to share which is meaningful enough for you \" ........hmm, i really don\'t care about your sexual orientation or ethnicity or skin color or anything thing worth seen-unseen, but i do care about \"words\" so it would be a request for everyone to be generous and judicious while using your words for all is about time, spend some time with me and you\'ll know me better, it won\'t take too long, I promise! :) ................ if you think that my profile is interesting or i\'m interesting then do follow me on \'twitter\' @SparkxSpeak :) :)

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Vices not yet!! :) and i\'m proud of it! :D
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Books the northern express, tell me your dreams, money, the broker, lajja, goosebumps, hardyboys, nancy Drew, Harry potter, tiwilight, pride and prejudice, ... sooo onnnn!! :D
Music amm, the list would be too long if i have to write, preferbly i like music of all genere all it has to do is to have some meaning, i like music but hate noise :)
Movies family drama, romance, fantasy, anime and mystery thrillers,are the best one\'s to watch.
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