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just leave me alone
About Call me Sebastian. I am not a guy, just a fan of that name ~15 years old~ taken by the most beautiful and perfect boy I ever met~ ballet dancer. ~Misanthrope, cold, hot headed and complex person. I am fascinated by morbid, dark and macabre things and I embrace darkness. Though I have a weakness for cute things.~ Neo-soviet and I support Soviet Union ~Anime lover; Death Note and Black Butler are my favorites. Poetry and music bring me to my knees~
Last Seen Nov 2, 2014
Member Since Dec 17, 2013
Favorite Quote “Even if you slit my throat, I’d thank you for touching my skin.”
  • 100% Russian
  • and 100% Chinese
Vices My love for excessive gore.
Horoscope Scorpio
Special day 11-13
Books Apart from all my manga- A Game of Thrones, Coraline, Memoirs of a Geisha.
Music A lot.
Movies Doghouse, Audition, Lost Highway, L: Change the World, Tokyo Gore Police, Black Swan.
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