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I am 6'2", I am very creative - i love books. I love to draw and write, mostly fantasy. I love sports; I’ve played soccer, volleyball, I did track, and i was in football for 6 years. I pretty much like doing a bit of anything as long as it's distracting. I live in Pennsylvania going to the art institute, and I honestly have no friends or family members that are close. If anyone needs somebody to talk to, I'm on here hourly. All i have the energy to do lately is go to my classes, do my work, and stay alone up in my dorm room with nowhere else and nothing else to go or do. I'm tall, I have dark hair, dark features in an attractive way-ish I guess, and I’m athletically muscled and skinny. Although I know how bad the world can be, I’m really just searching for people who understand who can help me try to find a reason to in this mad world. I don't have a mean bone in my body, and I use to hate everything about myself, but I’m getting better and I will go out of my way to talk to anybody else who needs help and a sympathetic shoulder. I was abused for 7 years by my step dad, and almost killed many times, and I just separated from my ex fiancée of 6 years after she cheated on me over 11 times and convinced me that there was nothing about me to love nor that anybody could ever even love me. I'm not on here for anything specific, and I will talk to anyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this small About Me

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I Am Lonely

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