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About (Acher-M/Enoch)Well, what can i say about myself? I am a cusp of Virgo/Leo and a Chinese Dragon for anyone who studies Western & Eastern astrology!! My passions include astronomy, astrology,also I love guiding and Teaching people through the different Religions helping other people on their quest to find their purpose in life as well,and I also enjoy taking care of the people in my life. I like helping them with solving problems, even if that means just letting the person vent to me so they may release their tensions just to give them an understanding ear, to listen to them. Sometimes that is all a person needs to deal with their problems, without having the other person judge them, or taking an angry attitude with them In return. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not believe in giving help or advice unless the person asks me to help them. To me it is disrespectful to force advice or help on people, unless in the case of them harming themselves or others. I also believe that we should accept people as they are, and for who they are; I don't believe that anyone has the right to change anyone else. All we, as people, have the right to change is ourselves if we so wish to. Of course, after all, I don't believe that we should hold other people to our personal standards that we hold ourselves to either. After all it is our differences that make us the unique and beautiful individuals that we are. How can we truly say we love someone if we do not accept them as they are? After all, there truly is no such thing as bad or good personality traits. The difference in beauty and ugly traits is truly in the eyes of the beholder. What is a bad trait to one person someone else may consider to be a good trait. So for someone to say they love you and then judge your personality and condemn you for the traits they disagree with and try to make you change who you are is the same as telling them that you don't love them for who they really are. You only love them for who you want them to be, in other words for who they could be in your eyes. That is disrespectful to try or attempt (whichever you prefer to call it) to make that person suppress who they are for who we want them to be for us. I believe everyone has the equal right to be who and what they are and to be accepted and fully loved as they are. If we, as people, disagree with the differences in someone else, then it is better to just leave that person alone than to force our beliefs on them. By thinking we have the right to make that person suppress and change who they are for us, we are taking their free will to choose who they want to be as people and controlling who they ultimately become, thus playing some kind of tyrannical God figure in that person's life. Hell, I don't think our God in Heaven is that controlling. After all, he's the one who gave free will to make our own individual decisions. On that topic, I don't believe in treating someone else as though we are better in any way than they are. After all, where one person lacks in one thing they may excel in another area that we lack in. So in our own individual way, it makes us all equal. So why do some people think they are better than others and also take it to the point that they actually believe, for whatever insane reason, that they have the right to control and dictate to others what they can or cannot do in their lives? Nobody, I mean nobody, has that right. I don't care what position they hold in your life or who they think they are to you as a person. Once you become an adult, you are the boss of your life. No one else has the right to control your life but you. Well, that's about as much insight as I will give as far as who I am and things I stand for right now. So until i write again, take care to all and may all the blessings of the universe come to thee.
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