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About More an observer than a participant. Curious about a wide variety of things, when I do participate I always seem to ask the question that nobody else sees or wants to ask. I’ll try to figure things out for myself when I can, but when I can’t, I always look for somebody that does know the right answer. I get frustrated with arrogant and ignorant people. There is no harm in having a qualified opinion, but open your mind to other’s ideas as well.
Last Seen Jul 25, 2010
Member Since Apr 08, 2010
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Vices Coca-Cola, is music a vice???
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Scorpio
Special day
Books Lonesome Dove, Watership Down, The Great Gatsby, As I Lay Dying, The Right Stuff, Space, assorted biographies
Music 70's pop/rock, 80's rock, country, some classical, some 40's big band, really a bit of everything except jazz and rap
Movies Swing Time, Bull Durham, St Elmos Fire, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Pulp Fiction
Local Time July 30th, 11:14 PM
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