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I am always at a loss as to what I should say about myself when I get to sections like this. How do you "describe yourself" in a span of letters in a little box, and how valid is it really? It could all be made a lie tomorrow. You cannot know someone from a text box.

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I Am Writing Book Reviews

The Language Instinct: How The Mind Creates Language by Steven Pinker Not actually the first of Steven Pinker's works, this book is still the one that put him on the map and, as the previous two aren't in print and extremely expensive, I... [more]
Argonnosi has shared 59 Mature Experiences
  • I Hate College

    Fire! I'm just six short (short!?  what are you talking about!?) classes away from completing my masters degree.  I've been living the college experience for a very long time now, and I feel that it is th… [more]
  • I Get Migraine Headaches

    Rem Sleep My migraines, which have become fortunately rarer, always occurred during a period of REM sleep. For those that don't know, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, and is generally considered the period o… [more]
  • I Am An Mra

    Someone Asked A Question. That question was, "Remember the good old days when women were actual nurturers and not self involved, timewasting psychos?" What follows was my response, which I believe belongs here as well. … [more]
  • I Am Depressed Because I'm Lonely

    In A Crowd I shouldn't feel lonely.  I mean, that's what any outsider would say.  After all, I live with my parents and my sister, and I have friends that I see on a regular basis.  How could I be lonely?… [more]
  • OMG I Can't Believe It

    Posted on: July 30th, 2012 at 2:40PM

    I got called in for an interview by the Bank of New York!  They have a branch here and I might end up working as a Staff Accountant for them.  That is just so bloody awesome!  They are one of the oldest (if not the oldest) banks in the United States, so for me, as a starting accountant, this is a really big deal.… [more]


  • BNY Interview

    Posted on: August 1st, 2012 at 5:41PM

    Well that was exhausting.  There's some hope (just some) that I may be able to actually get this job, but I'm feeling that my interviewer really wants someone with a little more experience.  But, you can't always get what you want.  Like paid parking, for instance.Seriously, the job is for one of the largest banks in the country, but I either have to pay the $25 a day to park, or take public transportation, which doesn't actually exist where I live.  Still, I will cross that bridge if and when I get there.  Until then, I've just got to keep looking.… [more]


  • You have such an awesome resume!

    Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 at 6:00PM

    I hear this a lot.  I've heard this from recruiters who promised that I would be able to get  a job through them easily within two weeks (It has now been a month since my first interview with a recruiter, and they haven't gotten me so much as an interview).  I've hear it from people saying they wished they'd known of my existence nine months ago.  Of course, nine months ago I was working.  I've heard it from people who then followed it up with, "but you don't have enough experience."  Needless to say, hearing over and over again how I should have been picked up by now is not exactly conducive to confidence when the people saying it are turning you down.Yesterday, something new happened.  I w… [more]


  • I have such an awesome job!

    Posted on: December 12th, 2012 at 9:04PM

    I'm working for a small CPA firm, and it's amazing.  Finally, doing the type of work I've been trained to do, working with the type of people who get that.  I'm having a blast.  Also passed FAR, my first CPA examination.  Prepping for Audit.  Wheeee!… [more]