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  • a little American Indian
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I Have a Confession

In my mind evrything I do isn't good enough. I know that this isn't necessarily true, but I still feel that way anyway. Maybe I'm just trying too hard to be something that I'm not. [more]
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  • I Do Not Smile Often

    On Occasion... On occasion I will smile, such as when laughing, but for the most part I usually don't. It doesn't necessarily mean that I am a depressed person, I just show happiness differently I suppose. I general… [more]
  • I Am Lonely and Depressed

    At Times It Is Almost Like I Don't Know How To Be Happy.      I'm pretty young, that time when everyone expects you to go hang out and go to parties, or social events all the time. Thing is no one who lives near me is very similar to me at al… [more]
  • I Am a Pescetarian

    Fishy Goodness. I have given up eating pretty much all animals except for fish, which is a large part of my diet along with pasta. Though I do hate having to defend my dinner from my cat.… [more]
  • I See Imperfect People Perfectly

    Imperfectly Perfect. Imperfections are what defines us all as individuals so I personally feel it's important to try to love a persons "imperfetcions" in order to realize that they are perfect at being themselves. A bit c… [more]