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I am simple person. A geek sometimes and also a little bit spiritual. I love music and art and history and definitely technology.

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I Have a New Job

I thought I will never get a job, but now I have one. 'am loving it. [more]
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  • I Have Insomnia

    Believing An Impossible Dream Software, it runs everywhere. It is something that you read in the computer books as something of a computer that you cannot feel, taste and touch.    And wh… [more]
  • I Am Scared

    I Am Going To Change My Life..with No Fear And With Joy. Enough being scared by fear. No more..I will try my best to live life as I want, and I know ,what I want is good for me and for others. I have passion for science and love computers. But I am not very… [more]
  • I Think Life Is Too Short to Waste Time

    What Am I Doing? This beets me, why we all do thinks that we know, deep down are of no use. I once read an article about why humans mas***bate. One possible answer is because we seek pleasure. But If that so, if we hu… [more]
  • I Lack Self Confidence

    Life Motivation Fumes of breath dancing with my mind, teeth grinding my laziness and fear, and with this self confidence I set foot to do what I have always wanted. I request everyone to let go yourself … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    What is my purpose.
    In this world, everywhere I look, there is suffering. - People have work in terrible condition, all day, just to feed the mouths at home.- I have read about a young man who was forced to become a prostitute, just to feed his family.- The inhuman cruelties that we do to ourselves. What can I do. I feel so helpless!- The countless places where the holocaust is happening. Where little children are killed. oh!But I believe one thing, no God will ever come to help us, God never helped us. It was us - people, mortal, uneducated, poor, stupid people- who at last comes to rescue. But what I do to help.What is my purpose?… [more]