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I Have Heterochromia Iridis

My Heterocrhomia Iridis Is Because Of A Rare Genetic Syndrome. My left eye includes both hazel and blue hues. Reason is I was born with a rare genetic disorder Waardenburg syndrome. Basically there are four types. Mine is type 2. Type 1 the eyes are somewhat... [more]
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  • I Have Two Different Colored Eyes

    My Diffferent Colored Eyes Are Caused By A Rare Genetic Disorder. My different colored eyes are due to  Waardenburg syndrome. two.  I was diagnosed in the OBGYN dept. of a local hospital in Phila. PA.   I was pregnant.  My daughter is in her early 20s.   At b… [more]
  • I Think A Cleft Lip Is Sexy

    Microform Cleft Actor I think Joaquin Phoenix with his microform cleft is extraordinarily handsome and super sexy. Of course this is a matter of opinion.   I read some women  call it his ugly scar and other women… [more]
  • I Love Ghost Stories

    Caribou Ranch Ghost. Did you know the famed Caribou Ranch might be inhibited by a ghost? Well I say might of because there seems to be some genuine evidence that points to that very real possibility. At least that's wha… [more]
  • I Love Joaquin Phoenix

    Jp Mcroform Cleft And Me. I wonder if I am really into Joaquin not only because of his gorgeous looks especially his eyes,   plus his terrific acting talent, (Golden Globe05Walk The Line, 2 oscar noms) but like him I too was… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    This happened when I was around eight.
    During the sumer my family would vacation in Sommers Point NJ. My father played in a rock and roll band in a local bar. And no I was of course, never permitted to drink, let alone sit at the bar. Well one time my older sister by 13 months and some local boys around our age invited us to explore this "abandoned" house. Okay we thought it was abandoned. We found out the hard way when we went through the house and discovered the man and woman were getting it on in bed. To put it midly they were far from grateful for our impromptu visit. To this day I can't figure out why they left their front door open. Technically we were breaking and entering. OTOH we really believed nobody lived … [more]