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Well, this is just too small of a box for me. I personally don't like boxes.

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I Am An Aquarius

I Love Aquarians. So I'm aquarius and naturally I love aquarians. We are biased.We know everything and everyone.Right?hahaha.What about you rising and moon signs? [more]
  • I Have Found My Twin Flame

    Seek And You Will Find.. So, first off I'm new here this is only my second 'story' -- I initially got online looking for information about twin flames.. soul mates.. etc and it let me here. I was just seeing if there are othe… [more]
  • I I'm An Aquarius With Scorpio Rising

    Really? ! Lol Oh god, really?!I have five planets in aquarius including my moon, the rest in Sag and scorpio rising.I would likeĀ a break someday!Seriously.I'm going … [more]
  • I Compose Music

    I Need Friends. :) Music people.I really want to go to school for music composition! -- I've been writing and playing by ear my entire life.. I was trained on sax, flute and clarinet and breezed throug… [more]
  • I Read People Quite Well

    Pop Quiz Empaths! Alright.. so I gotta do it!Since you all are so good at reading.. take a shot at me. Just from my picture and sarcasm.:)Interested to see what we get.Do… [more]