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Well, the school year started and things aren't looking good. Fuck.

I am a young male living in NYC just trying to find my place in life :P I love anything that you can drive (I am a real technical nut) Nothing else to say really unless you want to know.

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  • a little African American
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I Think Good Friends Are Rare

This is so true. It's only once, maybe twice in a lifetime you make real friends that you would die for. [more]
ASBC has shared 1036 Mature Experiences
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    I Remember Fondly I was 10 (or 9, I don't remember) when I was playing with a overlarge pillow that my estranged aunt got me for a christmas gift one year and I was rubbing it against my crotch. All of a sudden, I felt… [more]
  • I Think Intelligence Can Cause Depression and Isolation

    Yep :I Intellect is a vulnerability, really. Sure you can do some fantastical things but you see and hear more than the average person. I mean, it sounds awesome and all they good **** but it really isn't. S… [more]
  • I Love Boys That Look Like Girls

    Nothing Wrong With This While I don't crossdress, I love seeing boys and guys dress as women. It's such a turn on to see feminine and sissy boys. No other words are needed ;)… [more]
  • I Am Open to New Sexual Experiences

    Willing To Try Out New Things Being young, I don't think it would be right to not try different sexual moves and things like ********* or femboys or anything else that society deems "strange" or "bad". Have fun people :D… [more]