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Whenever I have problems and I take it to someone, they are all like - ain't nobody got time for that shit

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I Have a Confession

I wasnt like this a while ago, but now whenever i try to speak i just blabber and due to this i rarely speak i'm losing everythin due to this (i'm now like a stranger to my friends... [more]
aSchizophrenic has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Go to Music Festivals

    Ghost Or Not I really try to believe that i'm just imagining things like this, but this is what happenned i experienced it for 3 straight nights FIRST NIGHT: i jus crawled on my bed and lifted my foot … [more]
  • I Am An Asshole

    Why Lord, Why i hurt people not realising it and i apparently get upset over it i dont have a single clue as of what im doing with my whole life i apologize personally for all those who have been stabbe… [more]
  • I Am Jack's Broken Heart

    This Is Life these lines are from a song from "Fight club" ...And you open the door and you step inside We're inside our hearts Now, imagine your pain as a white ball of healing light… [more]
  • I Am My Profile Name

    I Am Cluless when i came here one and a half years ago i had only one thought, to open myself to others so that they will really understand me and appreciate me for my personalities(thats a lie), anyway the true r… [more]