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I'm not okay. Sometimes I wonder if I have ever truly been okay.
feeling stressed
About My name is Hye Lim (but you can call me Arden) and I'm your average teenage girl. (expect I'm addicted to kpop and an ex sex addict) My heritage is South Korean, but I was adopted into a Malayalee family when I was a baby. I'm also not just in to kpop, I love korean music as a whole. From indie groups like Glen Check to rock groups like Royal Pirates and Gukkenstein to underground rappers/groups like Mad Soul Child and Primary to 90s groups like H.O.T, Shinhwa, and G.o.d. i also like some j-pop, and I swear Koda Kumi is my spirit animal xD By the way, the person in my profile picture is actually a guy named Kevin from the kpop group U-Kiss. But I chose this photo, because it looks the most like me ^^
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Member Since Sep 15, 2012
Favorite Quote “\'I think everyone in this world deserves to be loved.”
  • 100% Korean (South)
  • and 100% Indian (Malayalee)
Special day 3-23
Books Peieces Of You-Tablo
Music K-pop, Visual Kei, screamo, rap, anything beautiful
Movies Nonsense Revolution, But I\'m a Cheerleader, Were The World Mine, You\'re My Pet, Heaven\'s Postman, Masquerade,
Local Time August 1st, 2:28 PM
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