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I Love My Boyfriend

He Saved Me From Myself I had known this guy (my current boyfriend, we'll call him "X") for years before we actual started talking. We met through a mutual friend when we were both probably around 11 but didn't speak to each... [more]
  • I Have Been to a Mental Hospital

    Potomac Ridge Behavorial Health I've been to a mental hospital. Almost twice.For about the passed year, I have been battling with self-injury. I cut and burn myself. And back in August, 2011, people started finding out a… [more]
  • I Am In a Relationship

    Yes, It's Cliche. I'm 14 years old, turning 15 in March. My boyfriend David turned 15 in September. He's amazing to say the least. I have to relationship people want to have. Don't care if I'm only 14, love is blind to… [more]
  • I Self Injure

    Bent Over And Sideways. I was in the hospital for 9 hours yesterday. Left around 2 am. There's nothing I hate more than ******* trying to control my life. I cut myself again- this ***** I no longer talk t told my guidence co… [more]
  • I Overcame Self Injury

    They're Not Just Scars, They're Stories I've old my story so many times here on EP, but what's one more time. I almost 14, my birthday is actually coming up here in a couple weeks. My family and I have been living with my aunt a… [more]